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Share Your Opioid Story is a movement to help tell the stories behind the statistics of the opioid crisis. We believe by sharing these stories, we can help to give others hope, dispel myths, and decrease stigma. We invite you to share your own opioid story. Learn More

Rich L., Imperial, PA

"Jonathan loved reading, history, current events, sports, school, family, and sitting with the elderly listening to stories they shared."

Heidi C., York, PA

"Why wouldn't we as a state and a community do everything in our power to help someone struggling with this very serious illness? People deserve that chance. And as a result, it strengthens and benefits our community."

Jeniene C., Montgomery County, PA

"I was an educated, professional woman who was not ignorant to the damage and devastation that drug use leaves in its wake. All I can honestly say is that the pain in my heart was a weight so much stronger than I thought I could carry, and I was willing do whatever it took to make it stop."

Thomas L., Bucks County, PA

"I was never one to believe in medication to help me get off drugs since I thought it was a sign of weakness. I learned that everyone's journey is different, and this worked for me."

GiGi B., Hawaii

"Now they are saying they will not fill my prescriptions even though I have been a very reliable patient through all these years."


"I see online numerous articles about people like me, but I don’t see a solution."

Brooke F., Bucks County, PA

"While the common opioid epidemic narrative is one of it all starting with prescribed use, a story of people being duped by big pharma and irresponsible doctors, that was not my opioid experience, nor the experience of most people I know."

Patrick M., Delaware County, PA

"Recovery for me isn’t about what we give up or what we abstain from.  It’s about everything we gain.  It’s about everything that we recover and everything that we build for ourselves."

Carla S., Bucks County, PA

"I want to keep moving forward to break the stigma so that people know addiction is not a moral failure and everybody deserves a chance at life."