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Share Your Opioid Story is a movement to help tell the stories behind the statistics of the opioid crisis. We believe by sharing these stories, we can help to give others hope, dispel myths, and decrease stigma. We invite you to share your own opioid story. Learn More

Judy Haluka

"The system has made it difficult to prescribe narcotics in a way that encourages abuse, but it has also made it so cumbersome to prescribe narcotics to those who really need them and now many providers simply no longer do it."

William McConnell Fairport, NY

"If there is any interest in learning more about my substance use disorder and how I overcame this to live this beautiful life I experience now, I would be happy to offer much more if I can give anyone hope where there seems there is none."

Cindy K., Allison Park, PA

"I will do what I can to fight to remove the stigma of substance use disorder so that more people will seek help and be free. They are worth saving."

Brandt N., Media, PA

“Addiction didn't care who I was, where I was from, how much money I had, what job I worked, or how much my family loved me.”

Samuel DiBacco., Carnegie, PA

"I always said to him just, "Try. Try. Please try." It breaks my heart now knowing he was trying – just by him coming back home and walking through that door, sleeping in his own bed under our roof, and that was hard for him."

Chekesha Ellis., Willingboro, NJ

"At age 27, I had a great job as a social worker in Philadelphia and I fell down some steps at my job. I needed to have surgery for a torn meniscus. That work-related injury would change my life forever."