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Share Your Opioid Story is a movement to help tell the stories behind the statistics of the opioid crisis. We believe by sharing these stories, we can help to give others hope, dispel myths, and decrease stigma. We invite you to share your own opioid story. Learn More

Rev. Jessie Alejandro. Philadelphia PA

I also taught them that some people will reject you and people push you to the side, but we can never do that to anybody. We want to make sure that we always embrace people, no matter how they look or what's happening.

Codi H., Lancaster, PA

"Police officers, military personal, all of us have deep-rooted issues that we need to fix. It takes a lot of courage to see that in ourselves, and it takes a lot of empathy to see that in somebody else."

Jason M., Olyphant, PA

"I always grab an opportunity to chat with someone who may be caught up in the stigma surrounding addiction. I know I won’t change everyone’s mind, but I at least try to open people’s eyes just a little wider to the realities when possible."

Bob W. Bucks County, PA

"So, I just held him. I said, "We probably could have beat this but we just ran out of clock,” because that’s what I always used to say whenever we lost a football or lacrosse game."

Juanita C. Philadelphia County, PA

"If I could give advice to other people going through this and trying to be supportive of a loved one suffering from substance abuse disorder, I would say to pray, never give up, and stay in their life."