Seth Drz

Bay City, MI

My name is Seth, and this is my story.

I come from a family of people with addiction. My dad has been a recovering alcoholic for 25 years. My step mother, Lynn, overdosed on narcotics in 2010. A sibling has been clean from heroin for 9 months. I’m 39, and from 2007 to June 2017 I was addicted to Vicodin/Norco. Through serious changes to my emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, I have been sober/clean from opioids since June 1st, 2017. I also owe credit to a spiritual 12-step program I’m working, self-help books, and family Nar-Anon meetings.

I started taking Vicodin in 2007 on a short term basis for a very serious ankle injury, but before I knew it, years had passed. My family doctor prescribed me 120 pills at a time. Like the old saying goes: You don’t know what you don’t know. Instead of proper pain management through non-narcotics or changes to my body through diet or exercise, my doctor kept prescribing Vicodin. Finally, one day in May, I just hit rock bottom and decided I needed a total life change. The pills weren’t even working for the pain (I had fractured my ankle in 2007 and it never properly healed).

“Everyday gets better. If you put in the work, it’s worth it in recovery.”

I was in legitimate pain but at the same time was just feeding my addiction. I realized I was physically and emotionally dependent on them. When I look back, I realize how much of a mess I was. Friendships and relationships had been broken. I became a person I didn’t like. I was just running in circles. I am so glad to be in recovery now. Everyday gets better. If you put in the work, it’s worth it in recovery.