Stories in Memoriam

Stories in Memoriam2018-06-13T11:47:35-04:00

Samuel DiBacco., Carnegie, PA

"I always said to him just, "Try. Try. Please try." It breaks my heart now knowing he was trying – just by him coming back home and walking through that door, sleeping in his own bed under our roof, and that was hard for him."

Codi H., Lancaster, PA

"Police officers, military personal, all of us have deep-rooted issues that we need to fix. It takes a lot of courage to see that in ourselves, and it takes a lot of empathy to see that in somebody else."

Bob W. Bucks County, PA

"So, I just held him. I said, "We probably could have beat this but we just ran out of clock,” because that’s what I always used to say whenever we lost a football or lacrosse game."

Heidi C., York, PA

"Why wouldn't we as a state and a community do everything in our power to help someone struggling with this very serious illness? People deserve that chance. And as a result, it strengthens and benefits our community."

Pat D., Bucks County, PA

"Up until this point, it was something we had never dealt with. We were completely unaware to the opioid crisis that was starting to envelope this country."