Stories of Recovery

Stories of Recovery2018-06-11T12:04:40-04:00

William McConnell Fairport, NY

"If there is any interest in learning more about my substance use disorder and how I overcame this to live this beautiful life I experience now, I would be happy to offer much more if I can give anyone hope where there seems there is none."

Brandt N., Media, PA

“Addiction didn't care who I was, where I was from, how much money I had, what job I worked, or how much my family loved me.”

Chekesha Ellis., Willingboro, NJ

"At age 27, I had a great job as a social worker in Philadelphia and I fell down some steps at my job. I needed to have surgery for a torn meniscus. That work-related injury would change my life forever."

Jason M., Olyphant, PA

"I always grab an opportunity to chat with someone who may be caught up in the stigma surrounding addiction. I know I won’t change everyone’s mind, but I at least try to open people’s eyes just a little wider to the realities when possible."