Stories of Support

Stories of Support2018-06-11T12:04:29-04:00

Judy Haluka

"The system has made it difficult to prescribe narcotics in a way that encourages abuse, but it has also made it so cumbersome to prescribe narcotics to those who really need them and now many providers simply no longer do it."

Cindy K., Allison Park, PA

"I will do what I can to fight to remove the stigma of substance use disorder so that more people will seek help and be free. They are worth saving."

Rev. Jessie Alejandro. Philadelphia PA

I also taught them that some people will reject you and people push you to the side, but we can never do that to anybody. We want to make sure that we always embrace people, no matter how they look or what's happening.

Juanita C. Philadelphia County, PA

"If I could give advice to other people going through this and trying to be supportive of a loved one suffering from substance abuse disorder, I would say to pray, never give up, and stay in their life."

Jan K., Bucks County, PA

"I proposed funding for Narcan in our schools and training on how to use it, and everyone voted for it; that was really powerful for me."